About Bright Advisers

Our why

To help our clients make wise decisions with their family wealth and preserve it for future generations.

My earliest memories of money are drawn from interactions with my parents. As immigrants, investing was a way for them to take part in the American dream and grow their hard-earned money. I have memories of sitting at our kitchen table and learning about budgeting and compound interest.

During college, my mother’s advice led me to a part-time internship at a prominent national financial company, which turned into incredible and unexpected learning opportunities. I was shortly promoted to Branch Supervisor, spoke and trained at national conferences, and opened offices throughout California and the East Coast, overseeing more than 100 advisors before the age of 24. While the experience was priceless, I became frustrated by the company’s focus on selling financial products.

In 2010, my sister Kathleen and I established Bright Advisers based on the belief that everyone should have access to the best investment strategies, wealth management, and unbiased advice. Our team of professionals has worked tirelessly to provide clients with hyper-personalized solutions tailored to their financial goals. Now, as a father of two amazing young kids, it brings to focus the importance of teaching them about money, along with our family values, stories, and traditions.

Our hope is that you are able to plan purposefully for the future and live richly today.


Kevin Luu, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Kathleen Chou, Co-Founder and Senior Partner

We are passionate about serving families with young children.

Our clients desire to live rich lives instead of merely dying rich—so they value being disciplined with their resources and making wise decisions for the future. They shun the idea that being passive, riding the wave of current trends, or settling for something because that is the way it has always been done are the best ways to manage their family and financial wealth. They are deeply committed to protecting and maximizing all of their assets—their time, health, financial resources, mind, character, and community.

They are on the journey of living an intentional life.

Lifeworks leadership team

Bright Advisers partners with Lifeworks Advisors, a multi-generational team of seasoned wealth advisors, daring financial innovators, and talented software engineers who developed an integrated wealth management system to fix the flawed traditional approach to financial planning and investing.

Ron Bullis

Co-Founder and CEO

Kurt Van Dyken

Co-Founder and Chief Compliance Officer

Hugo Castalan

Chief Operating Officer

Alex Mathé-Cathala

Chief Investment Officer

Let's build a strong foundation for your family's future.