Don't let unnecessary taxes stop you from building a life you love.

If you’re making over $500,000 and are getting hammered in taxes, there’s a good chance you’re paying more than you have to. We help fix this problem.

For years, highly-paid professionals have been paying dollars to the IRS that they don't have to. Here's why:

As your career grows, your financial pieces get more complicated. 

What started out as a simple salary has grown into business interests, company stock, or other assets that complicate your financial picture.

Your CPA or tax preparer can only do so much

When tax time comes, your CPA or tax preparer typically looks at your past year to tell you how much you owe.

You get left with a bigger tax bill every year without ideas for how to lower it

Nobody looks at all your financial pieces and offers forward-looking strategic planning to maximize your dollars and prevent giving more to the IRS than you have to.

My name is Kevin, and I’m a financial advisor that works with highly-paid professionals to keep them from overpaying the IRS, build wealth, and live a life they love.

It's time that changed.

Kevin Luu, Co-Founder of Bright Advisers

We help our clients maximize every dollar.

Financial Planning

We build financial plans that are easy to understand and follow.

Investment Management

Get an investment strategy for your dollars in the market that aligns with the long-term goals you have for yourself and your family.

Strategic Tax Planning

We’ll account for taxes over the course of your lifetime with strategies that we can use today and in the future to make sure you’re not giving unnecessary money to the IRS.

All for a monthly retainer fee

Unlike many advisors, we charge a simple monthly retainer fee. That’s it. We want our clients to save more money in the first year of working together than the cost of our services.

Let's have a conversation about how to maximize your dollars.

See if there's opportunities to save more money than what you're currently doing.

Schedule a meeting with me to find out. No commitment required.

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